GeoVictoria is a new experience in Time and Attendance Tracking Management

The right decision for managers and supervisors who have to engage into HR duties.

Since our initiation we have focused on solving our customer’s issues, we have sped up their processes, and gave them some management tools to improve their sales and manage their time.

Our Tech partners and Customers have helped us to improve on a daily basis. We have incorporated the best personnel in the area to solve any of our customer needs, in a transparent, respectful and collaborative environment. For these reasons and more, our services have grown exponentially throughout America. Here is our story.

Our beginnings

On 2006, in a market ruled by handwritten TimeSheets, Attendance Books, punch cards and proximity card holders, GeoVictoria (our company), CORFO (Chile’s Corporation for the Promotion of Production) and the University of Chile, allowed us to develop an innovative Time and Attendance System through voice print over the phone, with this, we became the first company in the world to develop this technology and the first to utilize it. We became pioneers in operating the system completely through the world wide web, with a manner of service, and customer care that was quickly replicated by the industry.


Our services have generated significant improvements for our clients.

  A 23% Increase in Productivity:

The optimization of work schedules increases productivity by 23%.

23% Complete
Productivity - Improvement 23%

  A 37% Cutback in overpayments

Most companies do not have real control regarding the Clock In / Out process, in most cases the companies have to rely on their employees word and integrity. Our Time and Attendance system has generated an estimated 37% saving for our customers concerning tardiness and overtime payments.

37% Complete
Overpaid Hours - Savings 37%

  90% Reduction in Information gathering and processing:

GeoVictoria automates the collection and processing of attendance information, generating savings up to 90%. Saving that you can reinvest in your company.

90% Complete
Direct Supervision - Savings 90%

  95% Decrease in information analysis and processing.

Forget about transcribing data or gathering information from different sources to generate relevant payroll information. Our system saves you around 95% of time that you assign to generate reports.

95% Complete
Data Manipulation - Savings 95%

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