Foolproof autonomy

And efficiency

GeoVictoria’s BOX


GeoVictoria’s BOX

Foolproof autonomy and efficiency

GeoVictoria’s BOX lets you oversee your employees time through our biometric fingerprint Time Clock, and gives your staff member a printed ticket for backup purposes. This device are ideal for establishments with large amount of employees, or for those places where you need autonomous equipment. You can choose from our GeoVictoria’s Office BOX design or from our GeoVictoria’s Harsh Conditions BOX, for places such as construction sites or outdoor conditions.

  • We have 3 biometric clock models: A) ​Anti-vandalism version (with metal cabinet and autocut printer, with GPRS connection with wireless data or LAN, B) Office Model, Anti-vandalism Mini, without printer, but ticket emailing capabilities to your employees.
  • Biometric Clocks with a 5 hour autonomy, if you have no power.
  • 8,000 user capacity and it can hold more than 200,000 records in its memory.
  • If you lose your internet connection, our equipment will save and store your records until reconnected again when it will sync your information.



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