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Biometrics Voice Recognition

GeoVictoria’s CALL


GeoVictoria’s CALL

Biometric Voice Recognition phone call

GeoVictoria’s CALL will let you evidence your employees presence with a simple phone call. The attendance registration is done through an authorized company landline or mobile phone, that is analyzed by our software, issuing an alert in case of fraud.

  • It doesn't require new equipment investment because the system uses any company available landline or mobile phone.
  • The system requires a pre-enrollment process, with which the subsequent attendance records will be checked.
  • In case you don't have a landline on the jobsite or workplace, we have wireless equipments available, that allows our clients to skip the troublesome process to obtain a phone in some installations.
  • If your employees don't have an available phone in the workplace, but they are near a public telephone, we have an 800 number for your convenience.



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