Geolocation management you personnel’s

Performance from anywhere

GeoVictoria Smart


Geovictoria Smart

Supervise your employee’s performance from anywhere with the help of our GeoReference tool

GeoVictoria Smart is a Time tracking Mobile app solution that allows you to know where your employees are and the task they are working on in real time. Employees can easily clock in / out, take photos, record media, submit PTO or timesheets, change projects and tasks, also track location. All information in real time. Online and offline.

  • Available for Android 4.0 or higher (with enabled GPS).
  • Available in IOS (4s or higher, IOS 8 or higher).
  • Requires an internet connection to upload information. In case of using the information in real time you will need permanent connection (3g, 4g or wifi).
  • You will be able to see a map of where your workers are located, and their route.
  • You will see how much time is spent on each client, project or task.
  • You can upload media from different projects for documentation purposes: audio, text and photos.



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