The power of biometrics

At your fingertips

GeoVictoria’s USB


GeoVictoria’s USB

The power of biometrics at your fingertips

GeoVictoria's USB is an accessible Time and attendance option that works with a small USB fingerprint reader, with any computer connected to the internet. Forget about expensive equipments. Just with a small investment you can have access to the power and assurance of biometrics in a small yet efficient ansamble.

  • One time investment.
  • We recommend OS Windows 7 or higher.
  • Allows ticket printing from any printer.
  • Brand Reader, Digital Persona, Model U.AreU. 4500 or higher.
  • Works with dry, wet and rough fingerprints, in any direction.
  • If the computer loses or has no internet connection, the users information is stored and sent once the connection is recovered.



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