Results that advocate for the success of your Business

In the cloud, in real time

Our services will allow you to access all of your employee's information at any time and place. With us you can manage your workforce performance in real time, significantly improving your response time or any to eventuality.

AnyTime Support

In today’s world you have to react fast.
GeoVictoria has the best Tech Support and Customer Care reaction time in the industry.

Multiple Clock In / Out methods.

We have different means for your employees to register their Time and Attendance, we can adapt to your company requirements, even in jobsites with no connectivity!.

Pay only for what you use!!!

Don’t pay for applications or tools you don’t use. With GeoVictoria you only invest for what is used, allowing you to optimize your budget.

Quick Integration

We offer interconnectivity and interaction between softwares. We have alternatives to facilitate integration with your company's systems (ERP, remuneration, etc.) allowing the free flow of information and bidirectional way

Business Intelligence

Get information about the situation of your stores and customers, being able to track both global and specific indicators in a simple way, allowing you to quantify and take action on time, optimizing your processes and saving costs.

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