Manage your retail staff at all your stores

Guarantee the operational functioning of your stores by viewing the staff in real time. Make decisions instantly based on day-to-day needs.

Save, manage and decide with GeoVictoria.

Our clients already
manage their staff with us

The management of external personnel for your clients as you have never seen it before

Decide, optimize, save

Do you know how to see your staff in each branch? Can you control the total of your operations?

With GeoVictoria, manage and optimize the staff at each point of sale. The location doesn't matter. Visualize the workers of all your branches on the map!

You will be able to make decisions instantly. Anticipate staffing needs here and now!

Simple, fast and friendly

GeoVictoria allows you to administer, manage and obtain reports of the attendance of your human capital.

Thanks to our platform you will identify the absent personnel in your branches. Simplify the calculation of remuneration. Thanks to the attendance data, you will know the overtime to pay. Centralize permits, licenses or vacations.

Automate HR work!

Why choose GeoVictoria?

Optimize staff

Thanks to our alliance with Shift , plan the staff your branch needs according to an optimized shift mesh.

Coverage compliance

It does not matter if your branch is in the north or south of the country. You will see your staff at all points of sale in one place.

Real-time decision-making

Make decisions instantly. Schedule alerts and notifications. Verify the fulfillment of shifts and days as planned.

Success story: Starbucks

“It helps us for the operational issue. To have cash control at the end of the month. We verify with the system the store that has closed and the one that has not. GeoVictoria reduced our costs. We save up to 60% annually in overtime pay and compensatory bonuses. "


"We reduced 90% of incidents with the software and saved with the planning of the work time."


“It has been a tremendous tool that we have been able to deliver to our store managers. Not only because of how practical it is, how easy it is to operate, but it is also a tool that elevates your management"


Welcome to the new way of managing staff at your sale points

Control all your daily operations. Verify that the planned staff are at the assigned branch. Optimize and save!