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We partner with large companies to make your work much more efficient. Meet our allies around the world.

Strategic partners

From the infrastructure where we operate, the regulations we comply with and the expansion of our services. The following partners help us to fulfill our purpose of being the best solution for human capital management.


Largest IT company in the world. Our services operate thanks to the Azure cloud.

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Dirección del trabajo

Entity in charge of ensuring compliance with labor laws.

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Red de recursos humanos

One of the largest HR communities. Founded in 2008, today it has more than 4,000 members.

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Leading community of high impact entrepreneurs in the world.

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We work with the most experienced human resources solutions on the market. All our remuneration calculations are supported with our access and attendance management system.

Operational management

We take the management of your operational tasks to a new level. Thanks to our integration with the following partners, you will have high value KPIs for decision making.

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