No more unexpected visits! Manage access control in your company

Guarantee security in your facilities. Use different logging systems, custom reportings and planning.

Why choose our attendance control?

Reduce costs and times

Save time and money, optimizing the access processes.

Digitalize your processes

Don't waste time writing down each entry manually.

Safety for your company

Be it at the entrance, the cellar or in the offices. All areas of your company will be protected.

Traceability of your staff

Track your collaborators and external in different zones u offices of your company.

Custom reports

Get Reports from entries and exits, by places or dates. Everything always at your disposal.

You can choose between different logging systems

Fingerprint reader
Low cost and easy implementation. Log with an USB fingerprint reader.
GeoVictoria Box
The logging method par excellence via control clock through LAN, 3G or Wi-Fi connections.
GeoVictoria Face
Temperature detection, mask-proof and without contact.
Palm recognition
Accurate and contactless biometric logging method.
Enter the facilities with associated cards through a smart chip.
Identity card
Verified and individualized access thanks to the identity card.

A one-of-a-kind access control

Personnel profiles

Authorizes the access of people from according to their functions in the company.

Integrable with attendance module

Find the access and attendance information in one place.

Access planning

Determine entries by days, weeks, or months. All in advance!

We are much more than an access control

Visits control

Schedule, authorize and verify. With GeoVictoria you can manage and view the list of visits that enter your company.

Third party control

Contractors, suppliers or personnel of outsourcing. You will have access control of all external personnel.

Vehicle access

Manages the entry and exit of vehicles that access your company. You will know what spaces are available in your parking lot in real time.

Ready to transform your business?

We know that every transformation is a challenge. More than 5000 companies already manage their access with us.