Real-time attendance control for your company

We are the simplest, friendliest and most efficient system to manage your staff.

Why choose our attendance control?

Pay wages correctly

Know the real attendance data of your collaborators so you can pay worked hours precisely.

Save time and money

Don't overspend on resources and staff for attendance management! GeoVictoria does it for you.

Make decisions instantly

In case of absences and unpredictable events, you will be able to make correct decisions in real time.

You can choose between different logging systems

Log from any computer with internet access.
Fingerprint reader
Low cost and easy implementation. Log with an USB fingerprint reader.
GeoVictoria App
Ideal for field workers. Selfie logging and georeferencing.
GeoVictoria Box
The logging method par excellence via control clock through LAN, 3G or Wi-Fi connections.
GeoVictoria Call
A simple and effective logging method via phone call.
GeoVictoria Face
Temperature detection, mask-proof and without contact.

We are more than an attendance control tool

Cloud platform

Easy access from any device with internet. With Geovictoria you will not lose valuable information.


We are with you throughout the process, from the first contact, until the implementation is finalized. You can count on us.


Each industry works very differently. We adapt to each one of them.

Ready to transform your business?

We know that every transformation is a challenge. More than 5000 companies already manage their attendance with us.