When things no longer fit, the first thing that change is the attitude.

You can be connected to your work, be committed, have “the shirt on”, but if you arrive at the end of the month and you realize that you are not paid for all your days worked, the extra hours were not calculated well, or maybe another irregularity, you will start from that moment to go through the demotivation process that directly affects the normal working functioning. The other directly affected is the administrator who is in charge of the staff (Human Resources), who has to deal with the inconvenience of each one of those affected. When the organization goes through these episodes in a recurrent way, the work environment is unnecessarily eroded.

The mission behind our philosophy is to provide, through technology, tools that allow access to information and deliver it transparently for both parties. Why do we do it? Because we know that this affects the work environment and for us it is vital to provide the balance between the quality of life at work. We know that this not only affects productivity but the mood of the employees. Today the positive and collaborative attitude is the key to meet the corporate and individual objectives, and without that we return to the old processes where the human was just another tool.

A culture with the best attitude produces 3 times more.

If the accounts are not clear, the first thing that happens is that the work performance drops, due to the normal demotivation and to this kind of irregularities. This generates poor management, progressively decreasing productivity. From this thought Betterworklife, we do not see the members of our team as a resource, but as a source of ideas, initiatives, values, principles and feelings, and it is essential to have everything in order to build a brand with a committed team played and with a disposition to make great technological changes.

The control is something old and obsolete

We do not think that an effective solution in collaborative environments comes from an “attendance control”, since the worker happens to be considered only as an element of risk, and not a key piece in the optimal functioning. From this look of  “control” only arises creativity and solutions to monitor, fine and sanction. From our Betterworklife philosophy, we no longer see assistance from this aspect, but from management, where the collaborator is part of growth, development and new solutions that lead the company to cooperative success, collaborative tasks under a good working methodology, it generates productivity and commitment at the same time.

Technology is today a powerful tool to make life easier, and under this view we believe that it is also a fundamental gear in the integration of work teams, enhancing the global perspective and from that focus, collaborates and establishes a transparency that allows the tranquility both for the worker (for example having clear hours worked) and for the employer, by having a macro view of what happens in the company.

Encourage, entertain and make our work spaces more enjoyable, create moments, share something that makes us relax, and not frustrate ourselves. We want to open new places, generate new ways of thinking. We are GeoVictoria, we are Betterworklife.