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Operations management, route monitoring, information on field workers. All this and much more from our platform.

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La gestión del personal externo para tus clientes como nunca antes lo viste

Manage, decide, save

Do you have problems with the management of your outsourcing staff? With GeoVictoria, manage, assign schedules and track your staff in a single click.

Our solution provides accurate information about your personnel in different assigned areas. Secure contracts with your clients and avoid non-compliance fines.

You will be able to make decisions instantly. Everything from one place!

Simple, fast and friendly

Efficiently optimize data. With GeoVictoria you use the information from the attendance of external personnel to save time and money.

Visualize compliance with working hours. Control overtime hours. Schedule alerts for delays or absences.

May the most valuable resource be the peace of mind of your customers!

Why choose GeoVictoria?

Manage staff

Build profiles and groups of external personnel adapted to the assigned work point.

Coverage compliance

Track routes and tasks of the personnel in the field. Know instantly the route of your staff in the assigned points.

Real-time decisions

Make decisions instantly. Schedule alerts and notifications. Avoid fines for breach of contract with your clients.

Our clients are our best guarantee

Success story: LIM Chile

“GeoVictoria changed us 100%. I recommend GeoVictoria, they always have an immediate and correct answer."

Bastián Garrido
Personnel Management

"Previously it was all manual with the attendance book where we detect violation, manipulation or loss of the book. GeoVictoria is the tool that gives a more accurate control ".

ECR Group

"With an incomplete endowment we could apply some type of fine for breach of contract. This application delivers the information in real time. It allows us to react with the Human Resources team and the area of ​​operations ”.


"We have much clearer billing processes with our clients thanks to the attendance data. It's a efficient and reliable system."


Keep your customers happy Save time and money in managing your Outsourcing!

We know that every transformation is a challenge. Thousands of companies already manage their external personnel with us.