Control construction personnel in all your projects

Manage internal and external personnel in different works. Visualize and distribute the workers according to your needs. Join a new world of management.


Our clients already manage their staff with us

El control del personal en tu obra, como nunca antes lo viste


Optimize, decide, save

Would you like to manage your staff in each project? Would you like to control all of your operations?

With GeoVictoria manage and visualize the personnel for your construction works. No matter where your workers are, you'll see everything on one platform!

From various marking systems, we deliver accurate information on the attendance of your workers and the access of external personnel in real time.

You can make decisions instantly. Anticipate the personnel needs according to the project you must manage. Here and now!

Why choose GeoVictoria?


Optimize personal

Thanks to our alliance with Foco en Obra, plan the personnel needed in the project according to the established deadlines.


Various marking systems

We have different devices according to your needs. Workers or external personnel will dial by mobile application or biometric watches.


Decisión en tiempo real

Desde la aplicación o en web, los supervisores verán en tiempo real, la presencia de trabajadores en los diferentes proyectos por usuarios o cuadrillas.

Simple, fast and friendly

GeoVictoria allows you to administer, manage and obtain reports on the assistance of your human capital.

Thanks to our platform you will know the assistances, delays or absences. You will manage the overtime of workers for each project. Centralized access to permits, licenses or vacations.

Automate personnel management in all your construction sites!


The best support, are our clients

Success Story: Ictino


“It is a very friendly system. We are certain that the attendance record is correct. The platform and the reporting is in real time.”

“With GeoVictoria, collaborators can mark from the application and it saves us efforts in devices in each of the projects. We can see the reports of hours, absences and tardies quickly.”

“The fact of being able to see the attendance data in a browser is something so simple that it makes management easier for us. It becomes more efficient, faster. This is one of the main factors that made us choose GeoVictoria.”

“We needed a way to show our senior leadership team that marketing was producing results, and that’s hard when your metrics are scattered. This dashboard saved the day.”

Welcome to the new way of managing personnel on your construction sites

Control all your daily operations. Verify that the planned staff are on the assigned project. Optimize and save!

Bienvenidos a la nueva