Privacy policy

1. Legal responsible

Who is the data controller for your data?

  • Company name: GEOVICTORIA, S.L.
  • B-88642269
  • Address: C/ López de Hoyos, nº 35, 3º – 28002, Madrid
  • Telephone: 666 085 767
  • Email:

2. Purpose

For what purpose will we treat your personal data?

GEOVICTORIA, S.L will treat your information to:

  • Maintenance of the commercial relationship and provision of the contracted service.
  • Manage email communications with interested parties.
  • Assistance or health provision.
  • Management of employees and human resources of the company.

How long will we keep your data?

The personal data that you provide us will be kept as long as the current commercial relationship is maintained. However, to have maximum transparency with you we indicate that the general calculations with which we work are:

  • Accounting, tax and labor: six (6) years.
  • Labor: ten (10) years.
  • Selection processes: two (2) years from delivery of the curriculum vitae.

However, despite the existence of these general terms, we inform you that we will periodically review our systems to proceed to eliminate data that is not legally necessary.

3. Legitimation

What is the legitimacy for the processing of your data?

According to the purposes of collecting our data, the processing of your data is necessary: ​​

  • Manage the commercial relationship that you have signed and contracted with us.
    • Execution of a contract (enabled by article 6.1.b RGPD)
    • Consent of the interested party (inhabited by article 6.1.a RGPD)
  • Manage email communications with interested parties.
    • Consent of the interested party (inhabited by article 6.1.a RGPD)
    • Legitimate interest ( enabled by article 6.1.f RGPD)
  • Management of employees and internal human resources of the company
    • Contract execution (enabled by article 6.1.b RGPD)

4. Rights of interested persons

What rights do I have regarding data protection?

You can exercise any of the following rights by notifying us at the postal address C / López de Hoyos, nº 35, 3º – 28002, Madrid or at the electronic address indicated in the heading In any case, according to current regulations, the :

  • Right to request access to personal data relating to the interested party.
  • Right to request rectification or deletion.
  • Right to request limitation of treatment.
  • Right to object to treatment.
  • Right to portability.

You can use the following forms to exercise your rights in an easier way:

Additionally, you can file a claim with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD). More information in Section VII of this document.

5. Recipients

To which recipients will your data be communicated?

Your data will not be communicated to third companies. Likewise, we inform you that your data, where appropriate, may be transferred internationally to a third country, but only within the Geovictoria group.

If the recipients of the data are in a country, a territory or one or more specific sectors of a country or international organization that has not been declared an adequate level of protection, in this case, Chile, in the absence of a decision of adequacy, the following guarantee will be fulfilled: standard data protection clauses.

The transfer of data to Chile or other countries will be exclusively for functions of the Geovictoria group service, who in any case will be covered with data protection clauses where protection measures will be guaranteed so that Spanish regulations are applied and protection guarantees are established that may be enforced in Spain.

However, to have maximum transparency with you, we indicate that our email service is outsourced to Google, assuming an international transfer of personal data outside of Spain

However, Google provides sufficient guarantees, including being adhered to the Agreement of the European Union – USl Privacy Shield, which is a benchmark in terms of data protection.

Likewise, once our assistance control service GEOVICTORIA has been contracted for security measures, the data will be kept on Microsoft Azure servers, assuming an international transfer of personal data. However, Microsoft Azure provides sufficient protection guarantees, as it is even adhered to the European Union Agreement – USl Privacy Shield, which is a benchmark in terms of data protection. And also because some of the contracted servers are in France, subject to European regulations.

6. Origin of your data

How have we obtained your data?

The personal data used by GEOVICTORIA, S.L come from the interested party.

The categories of personal data that are treated:

  • Identification data
    • Name *
    • Surname *
    • DNI / NIE / Passport or equivalent document
    • Postal addresses
    • Email addresses *
    • Date of birth
    • Place of birth
    • Phone *
  • Commercial information
  • Financial data
    • Bank account number
    • Credit card number

Based on the assistance provided by GEOVICTORIA, S.L, specially protected data is always processed with the explicit consent of the interested party. The data collected are only those derived from the service contracted and / or provided to the user.

In case of contracting the service provided by GEOVICTORIA or request for a trial period, due to its control of labor assistance, a Treatment Manager contract will be signed that will specify the data that is required to be processed so that GEOVICTORIA, SL provide the service.

Among these data will be found all those that the interested party requires for the adequate identification of the users of the system, according to the contracted service, highlighting the option of marking control through biometric systems (facial and fingerprint), in the case that said services were hired.

7. Control authority

From GEOVICTORIA, S.L we make every effort to comply with data protection regulations since it is the most valuable asset for us. However, we inform you that if you understand that your rights have been impaired, you can file a claim with our data protection delegate, Cristian Calderón Bessi, email or the National Data Protection Authority .