Register and control the food ration for your company canteen

Avoid losses, waste or non-compliance in the delivery of food from your canteen. Plan everything on a 100% online platform.

Why choose our canteen management?

Assign rations according to profiles

Assign and distribute rations to qualified people. You can set the type of food according to the authorized time and place.

Find data in real time

Know the date, time and place of the assigned meals. Don't waste rations due to lack of information!

Integrable with access and assistance

Take advantage of your assistance and access modules with the canteen management. This way you will have consolidated information and just one click away.

Automatic ticket delivery

Grant individual tickets for the correct control of the rations delivered. It is the backrest for your canteen!

You can choose between different logging systems

GeoVictoria Box
The logging method par excellence via control clock through LAN, 3G or Wi-Fi connections.
GeoVictoria Face
Temperature detection, mask-proof and without contact.
Palm recognition
Accurate and contactless biometric logging method.
Enable your workers to obtain their rations with a security code.

We are more than a canteen management tool

Types of servings

It doesn't matter if it's breakfast, lunch or dinner. With our solution you can create up to six types of servings.

Permanent backup

Whether managed by you or by an outsider, feel the peace of mind that your collaborators will get their assigned ration.

Smart planning

Generates accurate ration planning. Avoid losses, waste or non-compliance in delivery.

Ready to transform your business?

Thousands of companies already manage their canteens from our platform. You can be the next one.