Control of security personnel in one place

The hired security guards, in the assigned place. Control of rounds, assistance by application or call and supervision of your workers.

Save, manage and decide with GeoVictoria.


Our clients already manage their staff with us

The security staff management for your clients like you've never seen it before

Administra, decide, ahorra

Manage, decide, save

Do you have problems with the management of your security personnel? They do not arrive at the assigned place? Do you know if your client is receiving the service?

With GeoVictoria, manage, assign rounds and track your external security personnel in just one click. We deliver accurate information about the security guards in assigned areas.

Secure contracts with your clients and avoid fines for non-compliance. You will be able to make decisions instantly.

Verify that your clients' facilities are protected!

Save, upgrade, simplify Welcome to a world of management

Manage staff

Build profiles and groups of external personnel adapted to the different work points and assigned days.

Coverage compliance

Monitoring of rounds and tasks of the guards in the field. Visualize the areas where security personnel are working.

Real-time decision making

Make decisions instantly. Schedule alerts and notifications. Avoid fines for breach of contract with your clients.

Simple, fast and friendly

Efficiently optimize data. With GeoVictoria use the information of the assistance of external security personnel to save time and money.

Visualize compliance with working hours. Control overtime hours. Schedule alerts for delays or absences. Make and plan shifts according to demand.

GeoVictoria helps you empower and simplify your tasks.

Simple, rápido y amigable

Success story: ISEG


"GeoVictoria allowed us to leave the log books to do an automated marking. Today we know before our clients if the guard has arrived or has not arrived"

Welcome to the new way of managing security personnel

Control all your daily operations and verify that the planned personnel are there. Keep your customers calm and happy.

Bienvenidos a la nueva