No more unexpected visits! Manage access control in your company

Guarantee security in your facilities. Use different logging systems, custom reportings and planning.


Allow access

Regardless of the device or the place of access, validate the entry of people thanks to our technology.

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Unique access control


Staff profiles

Authorize the access of people
according to their functions in the company.


Assisted Integration

Find access information
and support in one place.


Access planning

Determine the revenue by days, weeks
or months. Everything in good time!

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Reports instantly and in the cloud

Get different income reports. Creation of profiles. Planning for days, weeks and months. All in one place!

The access data will be protected in the cloud. Find the information in real time. Available when you need it!

Why choose our access control?

Decreases costs and time

Save time and money by optimizing access processes.

Digitalize your processes

Don't waste time writing down each entry manually.

Trazabilidad de tu personal
Traceability of your staff

Keep track of your collaborators and externals in the different areas or offices of your company.

Seguridad para tu empresa
Security for your company

Whether in the entrance, the cellar or in the offices. All areas of your company will be protected.

You can choose between different types of marking


Dial up from any computer with internet access.

USB Fingerprint

Low cost and easy implementation. This is the marking with fingerprints via USB connection.

GeoVictoria App
GeoVictoria App

Ideal for field workers. Marking by selfie and georeferencing.

GeoVictoria Box
GeoVictoria Box

The dialing method par excellence via control clock with LAN, 3G or Wi-Fi connections.

GeoVictoria Call
GeoVictoria Call

A simple and effective dialing method via phone call.

GeoVictoria Face
GeoVictoria Face

Temperature, mask and non-contact screening. This is marking with facial recognition.

We are more than access control

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Visit control

Schedule, authorize and verify. With GeoVictoria you can manage and view the list of visits that enter your company

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External Control

Contractors, suppliers or outsourcing staff. You will have access control of all external personnel.

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Vehicle access

Manage the entry and exit of the vehicles that access your company. You will know in real time the spaces available in your parking lot.

Ready to be
part of the change?

We know that every transformation is a challenge. More than 5,000 companies already manage their access with us.


Frequent questions

What is a security access control?

Access control are the mechanisms that allow or restrict the entry of a person or vehicle to certain areas, facilities or parts of a building. In this type of system, it can be installed in any area of ​​a company. In this way, the administrator can authorize or deny entry to a certain zone.

What are the types of access control?

The types of access control are varied, among which are:

  • Access control by access code or PIN.
  • By fingerprint.
  • Biometric facial reading.
  • Palm reader.
  • By RFID card.
  • Reading of Identity Card or ID.
  • QR code.

Access Control can be performed at doors, through turnstiles, vehicular barriers and other objects. Find out here the benefits of installing these types of recognitions on those barriers.

What are the steps of an access control?

There are three fundamental steps in an Access Control system: identification, validation and authorization. The first step is to identify whether the person requesting access is who they claim to be. In the second step, access control systems must find out if the person is in the system's databases, in short, verify the user. Finally, the last step consists of the authorization of the person to enter or not, to a certain place or area.