Attendance control reports

Review the different reports available on our platform

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Save time on extensive spreadsheet calculations and close the month 

Our platform has a series of reports that can be parameterized to your requirements so that you can manage the assistance of your collaborators in detail.



You will see the existing overtimes reflected, both in the entries and in the exits of the shifts. As an administrator, you will be able to approve or reject these overtime.



It shows you the effective delays that exist in the system. These correspond to the entry markings after the entry time defined in the assigned shift.



This absence report shows you the effective absences. Those are considered when the worker has an assigned shift and did not register any entry or exit mark



It allows you to easily calculate remuneration, using the information of days worked, permits, hours worked, not worked, overtime, among others.

Why choose our access control?

Decreases costs and time

Save time and money by optimizing access processes.

Digitalize your processes

Don't waste time writing down each entry manually.

Trazabilidad de tu personal
Traceability of your staff

Keep track of your collaborators and externals in the different areas or offices of your company.

Seguridad para tu empresa
Security for your company

Whether in the entrance, the cellar or in the offices. All areas of your company will be protected.

Microsoft Azure Gold Partner

Thanks to our strategic alliance as Microsoft Azure Gold Partner, all your data will be safe and available in the cloud.

We guarantee the protection of all the markings of your collaborators.

You will access the information safely. Each person has access and privileges associated with their profile, whether they are an administrator, supervisor or user.